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US Med-Equip Launches RFID-Enabled Asset Management System, STAR Trax

From our extensive experience in the biomedical equipment rental business, we know that high equipment utilization rates are important to hospitals. That is why we have launched Star Trax, US Med-Equip’s asset management system that is designed to increase equipment utilization rates, prevent lost and stolen equipment and allow hospital staff to focus on taking care of patients while we ensure they have the equipment they need, when they need it and where they need it.

While many hospitals use manual systems for tracking assets, Star Trax is enabled with RFID technology -a wireless system that transfers data using radio frequencies- and focuses on smart asset retrieval and tracking to help hospitals keep costs low.

One of the main benefits that Star Trax provides to hospital management is the ability to see real-time visibility and utilization status reports for each piece of equipment being processed through the system. The utilization reports allow executives to better assess capitalization and gauge inventory.

Management also benefits from Star Trax’s ability to produce reports using SMARTS, US Med-Equip’s proprietary technology system that can generate invoices, create usage and expense reports, track equipment, compile safety and Joint Commission data, and prompt management when medical equipment is due for preventive maintenance.

Since the system relies more on technology than manual processes, it is very easily scalable to fit unique hospital needs and US Med-Equip is working with several hospitals to see how Star Trax can benefit their facility. For more information about Star Trax, contact your customer service representative or e-mail Mike Pandher at

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